Between November 2020 and November 2021, NordAI hosts the seminar-series “The Past and Future of AI: Tales, Tropes and Speculations“. The series introduces participants to scholarship from and about the Nordic countries concerning AI, automation, algorithms, data, and the human-machine relationship. Seminars will be held monthly between November 2020 and November 2021 and are accessible online via Zoom.

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Seminar schedule


Seminar #1. ‘Automated industry in the Nordic countries’. Presenter: Maths Isacson (Uppsala University, Sweden).

Tuesday 3 November, 15:00–17:00 CET


Seminar #2. ‘Travelling Algorithms: How developers of data analysis from finance to health copy each other‘. Seminar co-organizer: Francis Lee (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden).

Thursday 10 December, 15:00–17:00 CET

January (2021)

Seminar #3. ‘What can government policies tell us about the future implementation of AI technology?’. Presenter: Niels van Berkel (Aalborg University).

Tuesday 12 January 2021, 13:00–15:00 CET


Seminar #4. ‘AI for Safe(r) Transportation in the Nordic Arctic: Satellite-Assisted Road-Tranportation in Lapland and AI-Generated Ice-Charts Around Greenland’. Seminar co-organizer: Rasmus Gjedssø Bertelsen.

Tuesday 02 February 2021, 14:00–16:00 CET

March (2 seminars)

Seminar #5. ‘Preserving the integrity of media newsrooms in the age of AI’. Presenter: Agnes Stenbom.

Tuesday 16 March 2021, 13:00–14:30 CET

Seminar #6. ‘Inside the data furnace: thinking with data materialities‘. Presenter: Julia Velkova.

Tuesday 31 March 2021, 14:00–15:30 CEST


Seminar #7. ‘AI imaginaries and their influence on the development of AI in Scandinavia‘. Presenter: Maja Horst et al. Discussant Steve Woolgar.

Wednesday 5 May, 2021, 13:00–14:30 CEST


Seminar #8. ‘Aligning Digitalisation and Sustainability: The Role of Governance‘. Presenter: Daria Gritsenko. Discussant: Robert Krimmer.

Monday 14 June 2021, 13:00–14:30 CEST

September (2 seminars)

Seminar #9. ‘Labour relations and The Control Revolution‘. Presenter: Daniel Bodén. Discussant: Britt Östlund.

Thursday 2 September 2021, 13:00–14:30 CEST

Seminar #10. ‘The Citizen-Engineer: Conceptions of the Digital State in Estonia, 1990-2010‘. Presenter: Aro Velmet.

Wednesday 22 September 2021, 16:00–17:30 CEST



Seminar #11. ‘Researching datafied living through mobile tracking: methodological challenges and ethical opportunities‘. Presenter: Stine Lomborg.

Wednesday 25 November, 2021, 12:30–14:00 CET


Seminar #12. ‘Can we trust European AI?‘. Presenter: Fredrik Heintz.

Tuesday 7 December, 2021, 14:00–15:30 CET