Enter the data furnace – Upcoming Seminar #6 on March 31

Seminar #6 ‘Inside the data furnace: thinking with data materialities’ in NordAI’s series The Past and Future of AI: Tales, Tropes and Speculations is held on  March 31, 14:00–15:30 (CET).  The seminar includes a presentation by Julia Velkova (Linköping University, Sweden) who will share research on

Upcoming Seminar #5 on March 16

We are pleased to announce Seminar #5, ‘Preserving the integrity of media newsrooms in the age of AI‘, which will be held on March 16, Tuesday, 13.00–14.30. The seminar includes a presentation by Agnes Stenbom (KTH Royal Institute of Technology,

National policies on AI (Sem 3)

At Seminar #3, the NordAI community came together with Niels van Berkel and David Moats to speculate on how national AI policies and other grey literature can be studied to better understand public perceptions of AI. These Speculations are now available here. 

Where did the algorithms travel? (Sem 2)

Organized as a panel, Seminar #2 on ‘Travelling Algorithms: How developers of data analysis from finance to health copy each other’, drew on the collective wisdom on both scholars in Europe and the U.S. The seminar participants speculated on how