Seminar #13. ‘AI and analysis of satellite based environmental data‘.

WhenTuesday, 1 February, 2022, 14:00–15:30 CET (Central European Time) on zoom (
PresentersChrister Andersson, former analyst at the Swedish Defence Research Agency and CEO at spI2ce – Special Space Service, Stockholm, Sweden.
AbstractChrister Andersson will guide us through the impressive developments that space technology has undergone in recent years in areas such as satellite technology, data analysis and geopolitics, as well as point out possible new trends. The possibilities of interpreting the enormous amounts of data that are distributed from satellite-borne sensors can today be handled with machine learning in a very efficient way – and thus used in many ways. The combination of space and AI is an explosive brew, whose implications for understanding and managing environmental change will be far reaching in the decade to come.

Andersson’s presentation provides a background to how these initiatives developed in the Nordic region and how AI is currently being introduced in defence research, and what this means for usage of environmental data in the near future.
Recommended readingEU. “The Copernicus Networks General Assembly 2021
Swedish National Space Agency. “Miljö- och klimatarbetet med satelliter“; “AI i klimatets tjänst“.